"Market on the Track" Registrations for 2024
We welcome all old and new visitors, exhibitors, members and vendors at our annual event and we have provided the forms to fill in and submit to us for registration purposes. Please select from the options below - we have provided an online fill in form as well as a downloadable form for fax or email purposes.

vendor on track

Cost of stalls (Stand costs depend on location)

No electricity will be supplied to the open (mobile) stalls. A limited number of covered stalls have electricity supply. The supply is 5amp, which is adequate for a card machine. If you require a constant, strong electricity supply, you will have to supply your own generator. (For example, if you need to warm food up, cook or bake). None of the stalls have partitioning. If partitions are required for privacy or display purposes, you will have to provide the necessary.


R 1,700.00 - R 4,500.00



R 1,900.00 - R 8,000.00



R 3,500.00 - R 8,000.00



R 1,200.00 - R 4,000.00

The allocated space for the erection of open or mobile stalls has been increased. In this location you will be required to supply your own gazebo or similar structure that is properly secured with weights. The standard size for open and mobile stalls is 4m x 4m. If more space is required, you need to apply for additional space, and this could have a cost impact. Ensure that you provide the correct dimensions of your gazebo or mobile that enough space will be allocated to you. If your gazebo or mobile does not fit in the dimensions provided you will not allow to set-up and not refund will be made.

Responsibility of Vendor

1. Provide products or services of a satisfactory quality to all parties.
2. Submit a complete list of items to be sold, with corresponding selling prices.
3. Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment and ensure that the vendor’s area is left as found.
4. At own expense, obtain all permits, give all necessary notices, pay all license fees, and comply with all the City of Tshwane Municipal by-laws and national laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations, relating to public health or applicable to the business conducted under this agreement and will also assume complete and sole liability for the services offered by the vendor.
5. Food vendors must also:
5.1 Provide a copy of the Tshwane certificate of acceptability for food vendors to CITP and ensure that the original certificate is posted at the point of sale visible to members of the public.
5.2 Use a ground sheet where food vendors do not use a Food Trailer.
5.3 Have a 4.5 kg fire extinguisher as minimum standard required.
5.4 Secure gazebos of vendors with weights.
5.5 Provide their own electricity for heating or cooling. Vendors are encouraged to provide their own generator.
5.6 Vendors must clean up the area of the stand before leaving the event and no oil, fat spillage and waste are to be left on tarmac.
6. Comply with applicable laws pertaining to The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Occupation Health & Safety Act, the Labour Relations Act,

Rules and Conditions

1. Not all applications will not be automatically approved, and the organizer’s decision is final.
2. Payment will only secure stand if accompanied by written acceptance from the organizers or Exhibition Promoter.
3. You will be notified about the result of your application within 14 days after receipt of the application. The deposit will be payable within 30 days of invoice. Stands will be allocated after receipt of the required deposit. Payment must be made in full on or before 15th of June, after which a stand number will be confirmed. Banking details will be on the invoice. It is important to send the proof with payment, with the correct reference number, to the organizer.
4. If no or past due date payment is received the allocation will be invalid and the stand will immediately be given to the next approved applicant, unless otherwise arranged between you and the organisers.
5. Vendors will be responsible for set up of their stands.
6. Advertising boards will have to comply with the regulations of the property owners, and all other rules and regulations of the appropriate authorities and stadium/regional rules will be applicable.
7. Each vendor will receive four tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased at R130 per ticket.
8. Participation is at your own risk. The organizers, promoters, and owners or any of their representatives, shall be indemnified against any loss, accident, or damage that may be incurred by the vendor, its personnel, visitors, and guests on signing of this application and/or paying of the required fee.
9. Vendor’s vehicles are only allowed to park in the trailer park and not on the track or pit area.
10. Before and during the event, vendors are only allowed to sell from their assigned stand.
11. Vendors and their staff must always display their name tags and/or armbands.
12. On the day of the event contact persons will be nominated to manage any enquiries and this detail will be made available a week before the event.
13. Set-up of vendor stands must be completed before 7:15 on the morning of the event. Gates open from 5:15 till 7:00 on the morning of the event for deliveries.. Late arrivals will not be allowed to drive to their stands. Stands, equipment and displays will have to be carried to the stand. Please report to the Collection Office at the Main Entrance next to R55. If you arrive early, please park in the designated parking area at the Collection Office. Do not que in front of the gate. Dismantling of stalls will only commence at 16:00 and no vehicles will be allowed on the track for collection before 17:00.
14. Arrangement can be made with the organizer to setup from 12:00 till 16:30 on the day before the event

For more information, contact:
Frik: 082 444 2954
Hanlie: 082 908 2295 (07h00 -15h00)
Marinda: 076 846 1380
Elmien: 082 336 9643

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